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Perfect Bite (Limited Edition Transparent Red Vinyl LP)
Perfect Bite (Limited Edition Transparent Red Vinyl LP)


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Track Listing:
1. Cathedrals
2. Perfect Bite
3. Fashion Week
4. Game Show
5. Golden Rule
6. Mars Rover
7. Imagine
8. All These Days
9. Dance With Me
10. Messed Up
11. Selfish
12. Worn Out
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Step into the musical realm of Oak-Cliff's multifaceted Shawn Magill, songwriter, producer, musician, and band leader of SECRECIES. Magill is set to captivate audiences with a highly anticipated album release by SECRECIES called Perfect Bite, unveiling songs born in the midst of the pandemic and new band members in an ever-rotating cast of talent. The new album is sequel to SECRECIES' self-titled debut in 2019, which earned them the coveted Best New Artist accolade at the Dallas Observer Music Awards, courtesy of Idol Records.

Perfect Bite LP unites dreamy, atmospheric sounds, driving electronic elements over a shoegaze wall of sound, creating a sonic journey that is simultaneously beautiful and thought-provoking, leading listeners through an exploration of the human experience. The 12 track album is marked by ethereal, echoing guitar and synth chords and otherworldly vocals, which create a dreamlike foundation that runs through the entire work. These haunting melodies inspire a sense of introspection and wonder, though decidedly rock influenced.

Within the music, there's a strong presence of intricate electronic manipulation and ambient textures that add a futuristic, unpredictable dimension. The guitar is drenched in reverb, chorus and delay nodding to 90s shoegaze influences, giving the album a sense of grandeur and epic storytelling while delving into themes of transcendence, introspection, and the cosmos. The album encourages listeners to reflect on their place in the universe, with each track contributing to a cosmic narrative.

Harmonies are warm and inviting, with chords that transition smoothly, incorporating a blend of suspension and release to create a sense of anticipation and contentment. Shawn's vocals are honey-sweet, carrying emotion and story in every word. It's as though she's sharing a secret with the world, a message of love, hope, and longing. Her vocals resonate with the heart, leaving the listener with a feeling as though worries are momentarily forgotten, and time seems to stand still until the last song.